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Opcom Research is a small high technology company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of state-of-the-art broadband fiber optic telemetry links and systems, with analog bandwidths extending from true DC to > 3GHz.

Since our foundation, in 1985, we have strived to develop fiber optic link systems of unrivalled performance and functional flexibility, combined with rugged durability to meet the needs of the most demanding applications  -  military, aerospace and scientific.  Most of our products have been designed to include extensive electromagnetic shielding, particularly the EMP/EMC range of data acquisition links, which are in use at many of the most prestigious laboratories around the world where nuclear EMP and lightning strike testing is carried out.

Our latest generation of wideband analog links now incorporate low threshold DFB coaxial laser diodes and single mode optical fiber for the ultimate in signal fidelity and low noise.  The engineering refinements include low power dissipation and low voltage operation, enabling the ODS and modular range of transmitters to be powered from dual cell Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer battery packs.

Opcom Research is constantly upgrading and modifying its products to implement new technology and designs, and to satisfy the specific requirements of individual end users.  We also undertake custom design and engineering projects, at affordable cost, and are eager to explore new applications for our technology.



                                        ODS-2200 Data Acquisition Link        Bandwidth 60Hz to 2.4GHz (typical)

                                        ODS-3000 Data Acquisition Link         Bandwidth 80Hz to 3GHz (minimum)


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