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ODS–3000 Analog Fiber Optic Data acquisition System

This recent addition to the ODS range of EMP/EMC links extends the operating bandwidth to 3GHz whilst still retaining many of the important functional features of the new ODS–2200.   The ODS–3000 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the industrial RF immunity testing standards included in EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, in addition to many other wideband EMP/EMC testing requirements.

EMC Directive 2004/108/EC (PDF)

Guide for the EMC Directive (PDF)

Summary Specification

ODS–3000 Views

3dB bandwidth:    50 Ohm inputs:       80Hz to 3GHz minimum  (60Hz to 3.2GHz typical)

                                              1M Ohm inputs:       60Hz to > 2.0GHz typical  (when driven from a 50 Ohm source impedance)

Transmitter inputs:    6-way switchable  (4 x 50 Ohm, 2 x 1M Ohm)

Isolation between inputs:    > 60dB from dc to > 3GHz  (4 x 50 Ohm inputs)

Full scale transient input signal range:       1mVpeak up to 56Vpeak  (50 Ohm inputs)

                                                                                                           1mVpeak up to 0.8Vpeak  (1M Ohm inputs)

Maximum transmitter cw input:    0.5W  (+27dBm)

System gain range:    from +50dB to –45dB  (switchable in 5dB steps)

Full scale receiver output signal level:    0dBm  (632mVp-p) for < 0.2dB gain compression

                                                            +4dBm  (1.0Vp-p) for <1dB gain compression

Receiver output noise floor:    –135dBm/Hz typical

Internal calibrate signal:    50kHz bipolar squarewave, 20mVp-p amplitude

Transmitter dimensions:    W 119mm x H 67mm x D 114mm  (incl. the battery pack, but excl. connectors mounted on the front panel)

Transmitter weight:    1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs) including the battery pack

Fiber Optic Connectors:    Duplex SC type (1 x SC/APC + 1 x SC/PC), with EMI shielded SC type duplex panel adapter (data and control)

All other specifications as for the ODS–2200, including the PVS function (Probe Verification System) using the internal 50kHz calibrate signal


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