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EMP/EMC Data Acquisition Link System

The original ODS–1500 analog data acquisition link system resulted from more than two years of collaborative design and development work between Opcom Research Limited and EG&G Technical Services, Inc.   Combining the best state-of-the-art link technologies from our two Companies, this link represented an enormous leap forward in performance and functional sophistication.   The ODS–1800 model is a significantly improved version of the ODS–1500, but still embodying the same full functionality.   It is a multi-channel, remotely controllable system, designed primarily for use in EMP/EMC and Lightning Effects testing of military and commercial electronic systems.  The transmitter unit is double screened and battery powered for maximum electromagnetic shielding effectiveness.   The receiver-controller is available in a 2, 3 or 4 channel desktop instrument case (as shown above), or mounted in an 8-channel rack mount chassis.

NOTE:   The ODS–1800 is to be replaced in 2016 by the new  ODS–2200

Full Datasheet:

ODS–1800 Datasheet (PDF)


Transmitter dimensions:

Height:     2.7in  (68mm)

Width:     5.4in  (136.6mm)

Depth:     5.0in  (127mm)

Including the battery pack but excluding connectors mounted on the front panel.


NEW Technology

The outstanding ODS-1800 system underwent still further development in 2008/9.   Now incorporating MEMS variable optical attenuator technology into the latest receiver amplifier design, achieving the ultimate in automatic gain control (AGC)  -  with virtually zero change in system gain or SNR throughout the entire AGC dynamic range.   The MEMS VOA device is controlled via an adaptive feedback control circuit to ensure ultra stable performance over frequency, temperature and time.



  •  Re-designed transmitter and receiver amplifiers to increase the bandwidth, improve linearity and SNR over an extended receiver AGC range.

  •  The implementation of the latest generation of DFB laser/monomode fiber technology in the ODS-1800 achieves the highest performance in the industry  -  widest bandwidth and dynamic range, combined with superb linearity and low noise.

  •  Now with extended low frequency response as standard, down to 80Hz maximum.

  •  The transmitter heads are powered by high capacity Lithium-Ion battery packs, enabling a significant reduction in the overall size and weight of the transmitter units, without sacrificing the rugged durability and impressive EMP hardness of the ODS-1500.

  •  Upgraded controller software extending the range of user definable system defaults and implementing full real time monitoring of the control status and operational performance of each channel in the system.


  •   ODS-1800:     3dB bandwidth from 60Hz to 2GHz typical (80Hz to 1800MHz minimum).   This model is based on single mode laser/fiber technology, using a low threshold DFB coaxial laser diode.  The single mode link is free from the characteristic low frequency laser/fiber modal noise that is always present to some degree in multimode fiber optic links, and, therefore, does yield a higher broadband SNR than is generally possible with the multimode version link.  The receiver output noise floor of this link is essentially flat across the band, with the absence of any anomalous noise peaks, yielding an equivalent input noise level down to -168dBm/Hz for system gains above +30dB.   The AGC range of this link has now been increased to 6dB optical power (typical), with the receiver output noise floor remaining virtually unchanged over the full AGC range.   The technical innovation that has resulted in the development of the ODS-1800 link has improved the operational durability and reliability of single mode technology to the point where this link is now the recommended standard link for the majority of EMP/EMC test environments.


  •   ODS-1600:     This model was based on multimode laser/fiber technology and has now been discontinued.


  •   EM Testing Accessories:     A wide range of EM testing instrumentation and accessories are available for use with the ODS series data acquisition links.  These include sensor cabling, EM sensors (free field and surface effects types), current probes (single wire, bulk current and in-line coaxial) and voltage probes (in-line pickoff), baluns and passive integrators.


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