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3GHz Analog DFB Modular Links


Opcom Research Limited has now ceased the production of modular 3GHz analog DFB fiber optic links.

All enquiries for high performance modular fiber optic data links should be addressed to Montena Technology, as below.

Address:   Montena Technology sa,  Route de Montena 89,  1728 Rossens,  SWITZERLAND

Website:   www.montena.com 

Email enquiries:   products@montena.com

Tel.  +41 26 411 84 84      Fax.  +41 26 411 17 79

Full technical information and downloadable datasheets on Montena's complete range of high performance fiber optic links and accessories can be found on their website.



Opcom Research Limited
34 Norman Way,  Syderstone,  Norfolk PE31 8TH,  United Kingdom
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