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International Representation:   Opcom Research has not currently appointed any international representatives.   Please contact Opcom Research directly for further information and quotations on price and delivery.

Equipment Warranty:   All of our products are backed by a comprehensive two year warranty.  Whilst under warranty, Opcom Research will pay for the return shipment of the equipment to the end user.  The customer will be responsible for shipping the equipment to Opcom Research, and for the Customs clearance of the shipment on its return to the end user's location.

Calibration:   All systems and links are supplied with full in-house calibration data detailing the essential performance specification. Any deviation from this performance within the first two years will be regarded as a fault and rectified in accordance with the warranty statement above.


In-line Passive Integrator:   (new 2-cavity design)   

When attached to a transmitter input, and combined with the 1M buffer stage in the ODS–1800, and the new ODS–2200 and ODS–3000 data acquisition links, this small passive integrator enables an overall active integrator function, which can facilitate field measurements carried out with derivative sensors and probes.   The passive integrators are available with time constants from 0.3us up to 10us.


Dimensions (excl. SMA connectors):    12.3mm diameter x 35.0mm long

Full Datasheet:

PI Datasheet (PDF)


EM Testing Accessories:     A wide range of EM testing instrumentation and accessories are available for use with the ODS series data acquisition links.  These include sensor cabling, EM sensors (free field and surface effects types), current probes (single wire, bulk current and in-line coaxial) and voltage probes (in-line pickoff), and broadband baluns.


Pulse Conditioner Module:     Intended for use with the modular links, this device enables a broadband analog link to function as an ultra high speed digital data link, performing threshold detection and pulse shaping.  This small module plugs onto the receiver output and is powered from the supply to the receiver.  The pulse conditioner has active differential outputs, which can be configured for a range of logic levels and load impedances (down to 50 Ohm for the highest pulse speeds).

Standard Accessory Items:     Our link models are supplied with all the necessary spares and accessory items for their full implementation.  The ODS series data acquisition links are supplied with two rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery packs and a desktop charger and battery cradle.  The modular 3GHz link is supplied with an intelligent charger for use in charging the integral Lithium-Polymer battery pack in the transmitter, and a compact universal power supply for use with the receiver (+12V dc output).  Additional quantities of these items and spare fiber optic cables may be purchased separately as required.

Please contact Opcom Research for further information and pricing.


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